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HR and Employment Law Advice, Support and Administration

This is a vital area of any business operation and it is critical to keep up-to-date with current legislation. This is easier said than done, since legislation is constantly evolving and there are many details that must be implemented correctly.

Expert-HR helps you cut through the minefield and focus on the day job. We provide contracts of employment, the handbook, offer letters, policies and procedures and all of the associated templates and documents (including Health and Safety).

Expert-HR will also happily meet with employees to get any required documentation read, understood and signed.

HR Solutions

Performance Management

It’s important, very rarely done and often not meaningful or measurable. Yet this is a tool, which if done well, can be a gateway to career development, employee retention and improved performance.

Expert-HR provides the tools and frameworks to refine your existing appraisal system or get a new one implemented. A clear cut, simple approach that allows the manager and employee to review performance and benchmark knowledge, skills and behaviour in order to get all parties focussed on the year ahead.

Recruitment and Selection

The business is growing, you need new people but where do you start? You haven’t got a job specification, you think you know what you want but how do you get it right? More importantly, how do you keep people when you have found them?

Expert-HR provides all of the advice, guidance and practical implementation to make sure you get the right person in the door and they are set to stay. This includes the creation of job specifications, interview frameworks and induction processes and procedures.

Disciplinary and Grievance

It’s always the employer’s worst nightmare. The tricky employee with a poor attitude, the underperforming employee and in more severe cases, the one that breaks all the rules. You know you have to deal with it but you’re not quite sure when, how and what might happen if you do.

Grievances are also becoming more common in the workplace as employees begin to be more comfortable with raising their concerns and pushing for resolution.

Expert-HR provides advice, guidance and the practical documentation on all of these areas. If required, we will attend the necessary meetings and support you through the process to ensure you are protected and supported every step of the way.

Redundancy and Dismissal

Difficult business decisions are often time consuming and costly. Employers are often tempted to take short cuts, skip parts of the process just to get the job done. This approach always runs the risk of litigation claims and therefore more time and money. It’s often unsettling for other employees and hugely distracting from the day to day running of the business.

Expert-HR helps provides guidance on how to implement these business decisions in a straightforward, legally compliant, sensitive fashion. This includes an action plan, documentation and if required managing or simply attending all of the meetings.

Compensation and Benefits

You know you have to pay market rate and as the competition stiffens, you start having to think about how else you can reward your employees to ensure employee engagement and retention. Benefits doesn’t have to mean a top rate pension and insurances, it can just mean a meaningful bonus and some extra holiday.

Expert-HR will help you implement what’s right for your business based on affordability and effectiveness. If you do want to start thinking about more formal benefits such as Healthcare insurance, pension (not just auto-enrolment) and insurances such as Critical Illness we can help find the provider for that as well.

Learning and Development

It’s all linked – reward your employee’s fairly, make the job interesting and to keep them engaged, develop and train them. Learning and Development comes in all guises – formal, informal, mentoring and everything in between.

Expert-HR can analyse the roles in your business and work out what’s required. Clearly defined frameworks based on the role, to provide clarity on how you can develop individuals focussing on the three elements of knowledge, skills and behaviour.

Expert-HR also offer bespoke coaching and mentoring to Directors and Managers in people based elements such as HR knowledge, handling difficult conversations, performance reviews and effectively managing a team.

Organisational Restructure

The needs of the business has changed, the current structure is too top heavy or not top heavy enough. There are potential employees that may need exiting and one’s that will need moving. How do you know how to implement change with minimal disruption?

Expert-HR can guide and advise you on what’s possible and what’s not. They will offer a clear plan of how to implement change and the documentation and know-how to deliver it

Advice and Guidance

‘Always accessible’, that is what Expert-HR client’s say about us. On the end of a phone, Skype, e-mail or face to face, Expert-HR will ensure we are there for you when you need us most. Handling difficult conversations, guiding and mentoring Managers so they feel supported, is at the heart of every project.

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